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Monica Gichuhi

Public Policy Development | AWIMA

Monica was instrumental in the formation of the Association of Women in Extractives in Kenya (AWEIK) whose mandate is to advocate for gender inclusivity in the extractives industry value chain. Her passion for advocating for women’s participation in the extractives sector earned her an appointment to the board of the Association of Women in Mining in Africa (AWIMA) representing the interests of women in EI in the Eastern Africa Region. She recently served as the Advisor to the Cabinet Sectary at the Ministry of Mining on Policy, Strategy and Institutional reforms where she oversaw the legislative reforms in the Mining sector. She was the previous Chief Executive Officer at the Kenya Chamber of Mines charged with representing the interests of the private sector stakeholders in the mining industry. She is passionate about ensuring that extractives resources are exploited for the benefit of all the stakeholders and promote economic development. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from Strathmore University.

Building Mine-to-Market Models that Work

An essential part of bringing fair trade opportunity to ASMs is creating economic models. In this session, Cristina Villegas (PACT), Monica Gichuhi (AWIMA), Alexander Riascos (Coodmilla Mine/Fairmined), and Eunice Negele (TAWOMA) will share direct experiences in creating direct market strategies for ASMs.

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