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The 2019 Conference is Coming Together . . .

The details of the 2019 Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference are coming together now. Nothing is final yet, but here is a glimpse into our planning: 

  • Presentation about health and safety issues associated with quartz cutting in India.

  • Panel about responsible pearls

  • Discussion about projects trying to control silica dust exposures in informal workplaces in Asia and Africa.

  • A representative from the US State Department and the JVC (Jewelers Vigilance Committee) will share information and guidance on new laws and regulations related to sourcing.

  • Congo Gold - an on-the-ground perspective.

  • Update on initiatives to eliminate mercury in artisanal gold mining.

  • Circular supply chains - what are they, and how can we  create them in the jewelry industry?

  • Documentary Screening (yes, we have another one - details to be announced soon).

  • Jewelry designer panel - international perspectives.

  • Deforestation and mining panel.

  • Report from AWEIK - the state of artisanal mining in Kenya.

  • Gemstone panel - special focus on single-sourcing.

  • Update on Kimberly Process reforms (with representatives from source countries).

  • Google Earth's project to help identify illegal mining in the Amazon.

  • Gold mining effects and land-right issues in Brazil.

  • New and/or changing supply initiatives from the State Department.

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