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CRJC Logo and Conference Dates

Oct. 24: Responsible Gem Boutique, 10am - 4pm
Oct. 25-26: Conference, 8:30am - 6pm

Tickets are not required to attend the Responsible Gem Boutique.

The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference (CRJC) was founded in 2017, when jewelry designer Susan Wheeler decided to bring people together from across the world to discuss how to make jewelry supply chains more transparent and make jewelry business more beneficial to all members of the industry vertical.

The CRJC's mission is to engage everyone in the jewelry industry; miners, makers, professionals, educators, and students. To address all the ways that individuals and companies can be involved in the responsible jewelry movement. To make a difference by making things happen.

Now entering its third year, the CRJC has already contributed to the development of new educational, industrial, and community initiatives. It has become the place where responsible supply chain think-ers and do-ers around the world gather to talk, plan, share, and learn. This is one exciting conference, and we'd like you to be part of it too.

2019 Speakers

Chief Henrique

Paiter-Surui Tribe | Amazon

Dax Lovegrove


Chie Murakami

DIamonds for Peace

Kai Kresek

Global Forest Watch

Perry Gottesfeld

OK International

Jen Marraccino

Pure Earth

Paul Tullis

Journalist | National Geographic

Joanne Lebert


Jo Becker

Human Rights Watch

Alyssa Newman


Betsy Orlando

US State Department

Cristina Miller

Sustainable Jewelry Consultant

Chief Miguel

Paiter-Surui Tribe | Amazon

Meri Geraldine

Gardens of the Sun

Eunice Negele

TAWOMA, Moyo Gems

Monica Stephenson

ANZA Gems, Moyo Gems

Dana Bronfman

Jewelry Design

Emily Phillippy

Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Enrique Arizmendi

Perlas del Mar de Cortez

Marianna Smirnova

Responsible Business Alliance

Sara Yood


Jagdish Patel

People's Training & Research Center

Kesha Frank

Fair Trade Jewellery Co.

Carrie George


Alexander Riascos

Coodmilla Ltda

Eric Braunwart

Columbia Gem House, Inc.

Salma Kundi

Tanzanian Womens Miners Association

Brian Cook

Nature's Geometry

Chief Lucas

Brazilian Amazon


Chicago, Illinois

Film Row Cinema at Columbia

Chicago's Vibrant South Loop


mean the world to us

The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference is a grass roots conference. The support we receive from sponsors is profoundly appreciated and put to good use, primarily for the purpose of paying travel and visa-related fees for speakers to join us from the countries that represent the beginning of most jewelry supply chains.

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We are proud to partner with organizations that also work tirelessly to improve the world and our industry with better social, economic, and environmental practices.